Home Improvement

It has been an absolutely inexcusable amount of time since I last posted.

No, really, it has.

Where have you been, Jen? What has been keeping you from posting for over three months?

Welllll when your house is in a state of utter chaos your mind tends to follow suit.


We’re getting our house ready to put on the market. Which means we’ve been packing up/renovating/improving a house we’ve been living in for over twenty years. Which doesn’t sound so bad until you factor in that a) your doing a lot of the said renovating/improving yourself and b) your goal is to have it done in two to three months.

I am happy to say we are almost finished. You have no idea how happy I am to say that. It’s been quite the experience. The house has gone from old and comfy to an episode of Sanford & Son to nearly IKEA showroom status in a very short amount of time. (It goes without saying that if I survive this experience I will have a severe IKEA addiction to deal with.)

home improv collage

Anyway, I am still here. And best of all in a little over two months I will have a new book baby coming out!!!

Here is the cover:

A Perfect Weakness_Front Cover

I. LOVE. IT!!! Aaaaannnnd if you click on it you will be swept off to Amazon land so you can pre-order it. I am so looking forward to sharing John and Penelope’s story with you!

So tell me about your home improvement stories, the good, the bad, and the ugly.