Living in the Land of Wait

Last week I shared the wonderful news of my new publishing contract with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. I am beyond thrilled to be working with this wonderful company and to be ‘publishing buddies’ with the likes of Pam Meyers, Ane Mulligan and my dear friend Pepper Basham.

But the journey from my first ever publishing contract to this one has been a long one. That first contract was with Heartsong Presents, then an imprint of Barbour Publishing, back in June of 2010. I was so over the moon when I got that contract. And best of all, they were interested in signing me for two more books since, at the time, they were always looking for three book series. I remember thinking I had made it, my foot was in the door and it would all be downhill from here. I had it all planned out. Do the three books for Heartsong Presents, maybe a few more, and then make the leap to bigger books and maybe even bigger publishers.


Not so much.

I published my first book with Heartsong, then my second. I was gearing up for my third when I got the news no author wants to hear: Heartsong Presents was folding. It would no longer be an imprint of Barbour and they no longer needed my third book. Happily, in the end, they decided to go ahead and complete my series and my third book was published anyway. But the fact remained that I was an author without a publisher.

OK, I thought, no problem. I’m published now. I’ll get an agent and another book deal like that.


Again, not so much.

I could go on in detail about all the ups and downs and back and forth I did trying to get published again but that would make this post waaaay too long.

Long story short, God had decided that I needed some time in the Land of

Ah, the Land of Wait. It’s something like being in a very, very, very long line at the deli. You take a number and, depending on who is in front of you, you could be there a very long time or a very short time.

So you wait.

But the beautiful thing is God always has a purpose when He leads us through the Land of Wait.

We grow.

We learn.

We are refined.

And in the end we are grateful.

I did a lot during my time in the Land of Wait. I learned how to refine my craft, I learned more about the business of writing and I made a lot of new, wonderful, and encouraging friends who I wouldn’t trade for the world.

And most importantly, I learned to trust my God, my Abba, more deeply than I ever had before.

Will I end up in the Land of Wait again? Maybe. I don’t know. But I won’t be there alone and it will not be without purpose. For my God is always with me and His paths are never without purpose.

So where are you now? Tell me where God is leading you in the comments.