Where In the World?

This being June, I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook about vacations. Pictures of where people are, where they are going, where they want to go, etc.

We’re not taking a vacation this year due to the fact that we are trying to get our house ready to sell and due to some unforeseen family health problems. But we will be doing some mini stay-cations. Which is OK. We’ve taken some pretty awesome vacations in the past several years and it’s actually sort of a vacation to not have to get my family ready to go on a vacation.

EnglandHowever, I’m curious. My fellow author Rachel McMillan (who has an absolutely lovely blog you can check out here) put out a Facebook question that I hope she won’t mind if I repeat here: If money were no object, where in the world would you go?

Now as you can see I’ve been to both England and Germany. I’ve enjoyed my time in both countries immensely, although I have to admit to having quite a big soft spot for England and an even softer one for London. If money were Germanyno object I would go to London in a heartbeat. However as long as I’m taking an imaginary journey where money is no object, why nail myself down to one place? I would take a vacation that would kick off in London, travel throughout England, take on Scotland and Ireland and head off to Italy. Then on my way back I would stop back through Germany then enjoy a bit of the French countryside before stopping back off in London again before heading home.

So share away! Answer the question above in the comments and remember that time and money are no objects.