The Blessings of Books V

This is the last post in this series BUT be sure to come back TOMORROW because I will featuring a bonus post with a chance to win a small prize. 🙂

My fifth and last b20170430_181124ook in the series is one I read very recently by an author I had the privilege to hear speak and meet at last years ACFW Conference in Nashville TN.

I’ve read my share of Ted Dekker books. Obsessed. House. Skin. But this is a very different sort of Ted Dekker book. He tells the story of Jesus but not through Jewish eyes but through Gentile ones. Our eyes. Because for most of us that’s the perspective through which we see Him.

The main character in this story is a slave woman named Maviah.  And Ted making her a slave was surely no accident. By making her a slave he ensures everyone wIMG_20160827_212125185ill identify with her; not because we are all slaves in the literal sense but because all of us are figuratively slaves to something: fear, hunger, anger – fill in the blank. Then he takes Maviah to meet Jesus. Now in a note prior to the prologue, Ted states that all the teachings in his novel are Christ’s teachings straight from the gospels. And they absolutely are. But because we are seeing these teachings through Maviah’s eyes they take on such a richer, deeper meaning. If you have the chance to read this book do it. It will change you.

I hope you got something out of the books I’ve highlighted over the last several weeks and I hope you stop by tomorrow for my bonus post.