The Blessings of Books III

“I’m boycotting Disney!”

“I’m boycotting Target!”

“I’m boycotting ________!”

You get the idea.

It seems like there’s nothing Christians like to do better than join a good boycott. I get it. It’s important to stand up to sin in this world. It’s important that sinners know the difference between right and wrong. And we as Christians are God-ordained to shove than information right down their unrepentant throats.

Yeah. I used to be all for a good boycott.

Not anymore.

Not since this book.


There’s tremendous power in story. That’s why Jesus used parables. You’ve heard of the phrase ‘a teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go down’? That’s what story is. It’s the sweetness that makes it possible for people to digest the Truth.

And this book is a five pound bag of sugar.

It’s the story of a preacher’s wife with a past. And that past comes back in the form of the son she gave up for adoption in the years before she married her husband. And the son ends up showing her God’s love is better spoken with acts of kindness instead of acts of protest.

I can’t urge you enough to drop everything, go find this book, and read it. Read it with an open mind and heart and let God speak to you through it.