The Blessings of Books II

So last week I talked to you about Choosing the Amusing by Marylin Meburg and how her book showed me the importance of a good sense of humor. This week I would like to talk about the book that showed me there was a difference between faith and religion.

20170430_180815-2Again this is a book from my college years. I did some real searching during that time and I was trying to find my own faith. This book showed me that while traditions and
rules are useful, making them the center of our Christian lives is not what Christ intended.

To me religion is rules and rituals and dos and don’ts. And it’s important to have those things. Having orderliness in worship and understanding what does and does not please the Lord are necessary. But those things are outward things we tend to place above our heart.

Faith is all about heart. It’s inward and personal and involves a relationship with God that rules, rituals, and, dos and don’ts will never allow.

The difference between the two was never clear to me so when I first read this book I was fascinated by it. And as I’ve grown spiritually over the years I’ve come to see how much of a battle it is in the church family. Swing too far towards religion and you end up an unfeeling robot; swing to far toward faith and everything becomes permissible.

It’s hard for us humans to find middle ground; the perfect balance between two ends of a spectrum. The sweet spot. And then there’s the constant struggle to remain there. Thank goodness for books like John Fischer’s to help us sort it out when we swing too far one way or the other.

Do you know of another similar title? Share it with me in the comment section and stop back next week for to see what book is next on my list.